What Movie Costume Can You Make Yourself

A movie costume is quite creative for a broad range of costume occasions. You can choose one of the characters for Halloween event, or you plan for a reenactment of some great scenes. Sometimes your child needs a costume for a certain competition. You can easily find a wide range of costumes for both female and male at TV Store Online. The following are some that you can buy or make:

Top movie costumes

Son Of Odin

tg2w3ed6cywe72ju82i2The principal character in this movie is Thor. The costume he wears has a red cloak, which is attached from shoulders of the suit and flows behind in what is known as classic superhero style. When making a cloak, you can find certain materials that offer the right weight to achieve a great effect. The signature hammer of Thor is easy to recreate using packing foam that can be pinned to the cardboard tube. You should then paint it with your favorite color.

Cardboard is considered to be a great material that can be used to create armor. It has got an armor, which is formed from the shaped panels. It is possible to copy this particular technique using the double wall cardboard that is used for packaging appliances such as TVs. After cutting all the pieces out, you should stick them together using a strong adhesive or just a duct tape and then you should apply latex paint.


Heimdall is a gate keeper in the movie All Seeing Guardian of Asgard. The costume of Heimdall is a great choice because it is very easy to create and due to its spectacular nature. Great horned head piece and gold effect of the armor are very inspiring. You can make the costume from a combination of cardboard and polystyrene. The canned spray paint is used for cars and ought to give you the exterior effect that you are looking for.


tg2wed7huwe8dj292If you are an adventurous designer, you will want to recreate the destroyer. Remember that this is not an easy task as it requires several hours of difficult work. Fortunately, you will be impressed by the results. In this case, old leather is stitched together. Ensure you look for scraps at leather paint shops or recycling plants. Moreover, you need a plywood box or a cardboard box to make the head.

Warrior princess

This is a female movie costume, which you can make easily. The movie costume has robes, which are quite easy to recreate with different yards of the cloth. It is possible to make armored shoulder pads.…