Removing your body hair is a culture thing that can be different depending on where you live and your values in life. In Japan, for example, it is common to shave your arms. If you come from a western world, usually girls prefer to keep their armpits and legs hairless, but if you come from China, it is not common to shave your body hair. Whatever your preference is, making a change to your body should be something that you want from within and not driven by what is socially acceptable. And if you are more comfortable with bare skin in your legs and many other body parts, then you want to know many ways you can do this so you can compare and try out the one that can work out the best for you.

Laser hair removal

One of the best ways that you should consider is to undergo laser hair removal treatment. This process can leave you permanently hairless with skin as smooth as a baby’s bum. Though it might take more than one session and you will have to go back after a while, laser hair removal is worth the effort and money compared to veet wax strips and other ways to remove body hair.


waxingKnown to be painful but has become popular in the past is waxing, though it is not the most affordable way, there was a time where waxing is everyone’s favorite way to keep their legs and other body parts hairless. Maybe because the process of waxing is quick and it lasts a little bit longer than shaving is what makes those girls go to a waxing salon every month.


Almost every woman has been in that emergency situation where they need to take action on their hairy legs, and at that moment a shaver can be the savior. Definitely the cheapest but with the lowest quality result, shaving is easy to do but require you to be consistent and shave every two days at least since your hair will not take long to grow.


tweezersBelieve or not, some people prefer to pluck some parts of their body where the hair covers smaller space like in the armpits or their private area. This method is not for someone that can not stand stinging pain or have no patience to work with every strand of hairs before your skin can be free of hairs.